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Whipped Body Butter with Essential Oils

Body Butter with Essential OilsWe use this basic recipe for creating our body butters for home use. A body butter combines rich, moisturizing natural plant “butters” and oils with your favorite essential oil. These easy-to-make skin luxuries provide natural, concentrated, easy-to-use skin solutions you can use daily. Essential oils can enhance any body butter recipe, leaving your skin with a wonderful, subtle scent while providing unique benefits. What do you use body butters for?

  • Hand care: Use these butters every day without the greasy feeling some lotions leave.
  • Dry patches: Massage into dry, flaky heels, elbows, or other problem areas.
  • Cuticles: Work into each finger and toe after soaking.
  • Moisturizer: Warm butter in hands, and gently massage into neck, décolletage, face, and forehead.
  • Shaving Balm: Warm and melt in hands, then massage into legs.
  • Intense Hand/Foot Therapy: Apply thickly after soaking, then protect overnight with cotton gloves or socks.

Pure Vitamin E oil should contain 28,000 I.U. per fluid ounce. Any number less than this per ounce means the oil has been diluted. Continue Reading