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Whipped Body Butter with Essential Oils

Body Butter with Essential OilsWe use this basic recipe for creating our body butters for home use. A body butter combines rich, moisturizing natural plant “butters” and oils with your favorite essential oil. These easy-to-make skin luxuries provide natural, concentrated, easy-to-use skin solutions you can use daily. Essential oils can enhance any body butter recipe, leaving your skin with a wonderful, subtle scent while providing unique benefits. What do you use body butters for?

  • Hand care: Use these butters every day without the greasy feeling some lotions leave.
  • Dry patches: Massage into dry, flaky heels, elbows, or other problem areas.
  • Cuticles: Work into each finger and toe after soaking.
  • Moisturizer: Warm butter in hands, and gently massage into neck, décolletage, face, and forehead.
  • Shaving Balm: Warm and melt in hands, then massage into legs.
  • Intense Hand/Foot Therapy: Apply thickly after soaking, then protect overnight with cotton gloves or socks.

Pure Vitamin E oil should contain 28,000 I.U. per fluid ounce. Any number less than this per ounce means the oil has been diluted. Continue Reading


Surviving Holiday Stress

Join on us Saturday, December 13th, from 10 to 11 a.m. to learn about the benefits provided by essential oils to lift your mood and reduce anxiety & stress.  AND, stay after to Holiday Make & Takes!  For $5 each choose from bath salts, sugar scrubs and more!

RSVP by Thursday the 11th for Make & Take Supplies to or 512.850.4530